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“I’m a pianist. I’m playing my last concert Thursday night. Then I’m taking a sabbatical. Some of my friends think I’m crazy to step away now, but I don’t want to become a two-hundred-concert-per-year performing machine. It requires too much efficiency. And the efficiency burns you out. There is a lot of pressure when you perform at Lincoln Center or Carnegie Hall. People pay for those tickets and you must respect your audience. If you’re piloting a Boeing 777 with four hundred people on board, you aren’t going to try new maneuvers. You aren’t going to have fun or experiment. You don’t have time to stay in your dreams or ideas. You need to step back from the public eye so you have space to grow. I won’t say that taking time off makes you a ‘better’ musician, because I don’t like the word ‘better.’ It sounds competitive. But it does make you less of an automaton and more human. It’s like exploring a new continent. Time off is a space where you allow things to happen other than the known.”

Изучаю понятие Игра и вот, наткнулась.

Говорят, это Piotr Anderszewski на фото :)

Я согласна с ним, что если внутри засилие долга, то для игры, импровизации, чистейшей радости бытия места остается все меньше. Ну и, наличие Другого и, как следствие, соревновательность, часто отдаляет тебя от самого себя.
А одиночество, напротив, сближает тебя с самим собой.

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